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Hi everyone,

We have made the decision to emigrate to New Zealand and started the process in January 2018. I have had all my qualifications checked by NZ government in March 2018. I have had my CV and Cover Letter produced by an accredited New Zealand CV company. In finding employment will activate a residence and work visa. But after applying for nearly 50 vacancies, I have hit a wall of not having a work visa my applications are not being put forward for second stage. 

I am a highly experienced Learning and Development Manager who can deliver both front line education and senior management role in developing qualifications and improving achievement for learners, aiding in learner progression and experience. I have worked in both public and private sector education, succeeding in both sectors.

Is there a company you know who is looking for an experienced educator to drive company training to a high level for their employees or a private training provider looking for an experienced tutor in a wide variety of vocational subjects.

Hope there is a kind hearted Christian out there reading this. 
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