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Having researched in too schools in New Zealand and realised a lot of schools, if not most of the schools in New Zealand are single sex schools which to me seems a little bizzare and outdated. I’m aware there are some co-ed schools too but why are single sex school still so common in New Zealand, and how do schools in general compare with the rest of the world?
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Mike - Immigration Advice

Hi Kebotee,

Thanks for posting.

Although there are single-sex schools most are co-ed. There was a drive by our last government to increase the number of single-sex places, but I understand this has now stopped.

Generally the school system is excellent, based on inquiry learning with a strong social element to produce critical thinkers capable of handling adult life. All of my children came out of school wanting to be teachers of one form or another, one now works as a high-school teacher. They all went on to further education and two have degrees.

What parents want out of school for their children differs hugely so it does depend on your situation. Personally I wanted oportunities for them, to recognise and bring out their strengths, a good social education to set them up for adult life. NZ's school system delivered that with some outstanding teachers as role models.

I have been very happy with the education system and educators in NZ. Getting as much information as you can from people with first-hand experience of the education system is definitely a good way to collect information, understanding what they expected/wanted against what they got [wink].

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Both my kids (school year 7 and 11) are currently in single-sex schools (one of each).  Granted, where we live, these are the closest Colleges to home, but by no means the only schooling options open to us.

We did not actively seek out single-sex schooling but, having now had the opportunity, we have found that both establishments are able to focus more fully on the differing educational needs of the individual sexes without obviously compromising either.  

Boys and girls learn in quite different ways and the means of teaching clearly adapts to that.  Both colleges interact where this is beneficial and both generate their share of good and less-good students.  

I'm curious as to what you feel about this to be a little bizzare and outdated?

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