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I have just received my second working holiday in new Zealand which expires in July 2018 however the company i work for would like to keep me full time and offer me a 'permanent' position. I have a BTEC level 2 in management and have a few other IT qualifications from England also. My job role for the jewelers i work for isn't straight forward as i do admin,sales,IT support and also help manage the jobs and staff. In December this year will be me working here for a year so i understand with some visa's you have to be working for 12 months.

Any suggestions on what i should do next/ what visa options i have so i can stay here for a few more years.

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Mike - Immigration Advice

Hi anonimoose,

Thanks for posting, getting your pathway sorted out now is a good idea - a lot of people leave things a little late.

It's important to know on a working holiday visa a person cannot accept a permanent job offer and also (for the UK visa) cannot work for more than 12 months across that 23 month visa.

Advice on visas is something important to get right and this is why it is regulated under NZ law, just like financial advice and medicine. Even a licensed adviser like me can only give advice in circumstances when you are protected to ensure you can rely on that information safely. 

It's also important to know everything about the situation before advising as small things can make big differences [wink].

I would suggest an eligibility assessment: catching up on Skype to go through your options, explain how it all works and work out the best path for you. 

Hope that's a help.


Mike Bell
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Hi Mike,

I would like to bring to your attention that I wasn't the one who created the initial post. I've been a member of this forum for a long time even from the previous forum and only found out today that someone's posting using my account. I was surprised to be able to still login and find that my account is linked to another person's facebook account. I have since disassociated the facebook account from my forum account and changed the password.

Are you able to check how this happened? I'll appreciate your feedback on this matter.

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