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On my way there

Hey Scott,


Did you travel all of NZ? where do you hope to settle?


We are of course waiting to hear what INZ changes to policy will be...the devil is in the detail.

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Video - NZ First Leader view on Immigration.

NZ First Party Leader Winston Peters on Immigration....WOW, would be funny if he wasn't popular.

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Migrant workers consider strikes to make their point over visa changes
New Zealand migrants are considering a protest along the lines of  Washington DC's "Day without Immigrants" earlier this ...

New Zealand migrants are considering a protest along the lines of Washington DC's "Day without Immigrants" earlier this year.

Migrant workers are considering going on strike to underline the impact of a toughening up of the immigration system. 

​The Government has recently announced it will raise the number of points required to get residency on a skilled migrants visa and impose a minimum income requirement of $48,859.

Two meetings of migrant workers are being held in Auckland on Saturday to discuss the impact of the changes.

A window of a Washington DC restaurant explaining its closure during the "Day Without Immigrants" protest in February.

A window of a Washington DC restaurant explaining its closure during the "Day Without Immigrants" protest in February. 

One of the meetings is for workers at SkyCity, which has one of the country's largest and most diverse private workforces and hundreds of staff on temporary work visas.

SkyCity declined to comment, but an organiser with the Unite union, Joe Carolan, said it was one of the rare occasions where both employers and the workers held similar concerns.

About 900 people belong the SkyCity Employees Association which is meeting today over immigration changes.

He said the union was calling for an amnesty given to 4000 long-term migrant workers in the South Island, largely in the dairy and meat industries, to be extended to other migrants.

"If you want to change the rules, fair enough ... but I think there should be due consideration given to people who are already in the machine." 

​Julia Lui of the union-linked SkyCity Employees Association, said those who did not meet the new requirements would have a maximum of three years before they were kicked out, and it seemed very unfair.

Also meeting today is the Migrant Workers Association. A representative Anu Kaloti said some migrants were students, but a much larger group had been working towards residency for several years and were established in schools and communities here.

"Going forward we fully understand that if the Government needs to make tougher laws, that's fine, but it's about people who are already in New Zealand.

"They've contributed to the New Zealand economy through taxes, they've put in the hours, they've put in the hard work, so it seems really unfair to deal them this card now." 

She said one action that would be discussed was the possibility of workers taking industrial action, emulating the "day without migrant workers" protests held overseas.

Carolan said most migrants in Auckland were just getting by on low wages and he was concerned "migrant bashing" was distracting people from issues that were governed by government policy.



Last updated 12:57, May 13 2017

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Skilled Migrant Category - proposed changes
Thanks Scott, we will of course keep you posted on changes as they come through. 
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UK to NZ Immigration Seminars

A fun and interactive 3 hour event is presented by fully licensed & qualified immigration adviser Mike Bell. 

Mike will provide you with the tools and information you need to make good decisions for you and your family.

How to: Work Visas and Skilled Migrant Residence:
  • Documents you will need and how to get them.
  • Understanding skilled employment and ANZSCO job classifications.
  • Health and Character requirements, what you need to know.
  • Top tips and avoiding common mistakes. 
  • 'Ask the Expert' Question and Answer Session.
  • Mingle, after-seminar refreshments & chat.

LIMITED SEATS: We have limited seminar seats to just 50 as we know smaller groups create a personal atmosphere where you get the best from our information and to have time to ask your questions.

INFORMATION: We aim to give you the information you need to manage your own immigration applications.

Manchester 11th June
Liverpool 15th June
Bristol 27th July
London in September details to be confirmed.

Click here to reserve your seat.

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EOI Selection 29th March 2017

Hi Junaid,

Receiving an ITA can take anything from a couple of days to 5 weeks. However from our experience with our clients, normally between a week or two.

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Major Immigration Changes Announced

I expect you have heard that Michael Woodhouse (Immigration Minister) announed potential changes to policy.

Mike has put in 11 hours today looking in-depth at the proposed changes and how that may effect immigration plans.

Tomorrow we will provide expert feedback, in both written and video forum, to help you better understand the situation.


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Live Chat - Sunday 16th April 9pm NZ Time.

Thank you for joining us in the chat room

@Kanex Mutthan
@Harjot singh
@S P Mei


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CV & Finding Work articles.

I have been popping some articles up.....about half way through the Writing a great CV.

You can check then current one out by going to the Expert Articles page.

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Live Chat - Sunday 16th April 9pm NZ Time.

another 3.5 hours until chat.

If you look at the top of this page, the blue bar is the link.

LINK to the Chat room here

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Live Chat - Sunday 16th April 9pm NZ Time.
Thank you for your kind words.
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Hi From Christchurch, New Zealand

Hey Dennis,


Nice to hear from you. [smile]

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Auckland INZ Closed - Due to Severe Weather Conditions.


The Immigration Contact Centre is operating a reduced service today due to severe weather conditions. Please only make contact if your enquiry is urgent, otherwise you may experience long waiting times before your call is answered.

All Auckland branches are also currently closed until further notice.

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Weather blues
I have been in NZ for 17 years, although currently in Europe (France). NZ is having a terrible time of it at the moment. Hopefully it is just a wee glitch and normality will return before too long.

When we moved to NZ Sept 2000 we had a hurrican just a few days after arriving, had to collect the girls from school etc, a tree came down in the garden.....and yep I thought the same as you. What have we done, all worked out in the end though.
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