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Buying a home under labour's new laws
We're moving to Gisborne in June, 2018.  We will be there with me working under a long-term essential skills visa.  We had planned on buying a home. How will the new laws affect that plan?
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Importing Liquor
We aren't heavy drinkers, so over the years we've accumulated multiple bottles of various liquors. Is there a tariff or tax on importing these?  Would people suggest we give our liquor away before we move, or pack it up with the rest of the stuff in our shipping container?
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Cargo containers and moving house stories.
Thanks Gretablue!  That was very helpful!
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Cargo containers and moving house stories.
We will be moving (likely Taranaki region) to NZ in 11 months.  I'm interested in other's immigration experiences, particularly with regards to shipping containers.
- How did you choose the company / shipper you used?
- Did you pack the container yourself or have it professionally packed?
- How much lead time did you give? (We're moving from the US)
- Did you take too much, or to little?
- Any advice or cautions on the process?
- Are there things you would recommend bringing that are hard to get in NZ?  Or conversely, things you brought that you found unnecessary or not worth it?
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In-country vs. foreign status for NZ Colleges
Very helpful as always, thanks so much!  (I'll be coming to work as a medical doctor (formal negotiations start in about 6 months), but I'm not sure which visa that entails)
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In-country vs. foreign status for NZ Colleges
We live in the states. Our daughter will be starting college in Hamilton next year.  Her first term will be as a foreign student on a student visa.  Four months after she starts, we will be moving to New Zealand.  
Does anyone know, once we're (her parents) living in New Zealand, when (if ever) she ceases to be a "foreign" student and can go to University as a resident?
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